Website re-design, phase I

I just spent a few hours messin around with this blog’s css template.

The biggest change is the awesome new logo my sister Hanami designed me. I’ve been wanting a new one for this site and we’d been thinking about it for a while, when it suddenly fell onto our laps. Literally. We were on our way back from Japan in December and the snacks Japan Airlines were handing out had this awesome retro-Japanese thing going on. My sister pointed at the logo for the senbei maker and we both knew we had to steal that look.

Other changes are the wood accent at the top, the fonts, and color scheme. I sorta got carried away with the link-color-fade-out transitions, but I still think it’s cool. >_<

It's not done yet. I want to make more drastic changes to the organization of it…but esthetics-wise, it'll do for now.


Yeah I’ve had a Tumblr account for a while, but I never really used it.

I always went to Facebook to post music I liked, links to articles, videos, things of that nature. While I do that now on Twitter, I don’t like how it gets lost in the feed and convos, and mixed up with the sorts of wonkier copyright/tech policy-related articles that I tweet too.

This is for music, videos, reblogging from other tumblrs, and pretty much the bits that don’t go here.

>>> <<<


Domain switch.

I switched my domain. It took a few hours, many Googlings of error messages, and a couple mini heart attacks. As a non-techie, it feels so satisfying when you can successfully carry something out that involves a digital task that breaks out of the bounds of the comfy, squishy user interface that I’m usually lazily bundled inside. I’m also always amazed at how magic command line interfaces seem…when you can move files around, install things, do this and that, from just a few swipes at the keyboard. I wish I could make more time to become fluent in it.

Anyway, my old domain name, “Pragmalogi”, was just a random word I made out of the concept Pragmatism. I have a few more variations of it that I made when I had my William-James-life-epiphany-moment last year. I sort of have a minor problem buying domains…sometimes, sadly, in lieu of actually getting a project done. Buying the domain for a project seems to make it come alive in a way that feels constructive in the most counterproductive way.

Now my website’s hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech.Net instead of DreamHost. Woohoo!



an exercise in patience

Woohoo I fixed my layout! That is, only after essentially re-installing WordPress folder-by-folder and scoping out dozens of WP forums. When I realized that my first post looked fine but the rest of my posted were all wacky, I googled the right terms and figured out that it was a stray Div closing tag that was in the last post that had done it. Bah!! =_0

Anyway, I finally got my photos from my Yosemite trip I’ve been trying to get these up for a while but I kept losing my patience with the process so I kept putting it off. The reason I made things more difficult for myself was because I decided not to share my photos on Facebook. I thought it’d be easy enough and generally wanted to start disassociating myself with an advertising data mining company that doesn’t give a single shit about me. So until I find a better alternative to sharing photos I’ve decided that this is where they’re going to go. Sadly, this turned out not to be as simple as I’d thought.

I use an iPhone and an app I bought called Camera+, and I enjoy the convenience and quality of photos that I get from using these. But there’s two areas of bullshit that exist for someone who’s shaking off the curse of Facebook: 1) How they stick Facebook-sharing options/icons on everything making it both stupidly easy to post photos to them and extremely tempting to ditch my efforts, and 2) Once you’ve become accustomed to the convenience of going the FB route, having to resize it, find a place for it, and figuring out how to comment on each of them in an alternate way feels like a huge pain in the ass. Out of my stubbornness and fueled by my annoyance of the thought of giving my photos to FB at that point, I figured it out. I have a great resizing app for my Mac (iResize btw) and found a good plugin that I’ve messed with enough so it’ll definitely be easier from here on out. I just know that if someone wasn’t so adamant about not sharing their photos on Facebook as I was going into this, it totally makes sense for them to not to want to put in the effort.

Most people don’t want to sacrifice convenience for principle, especially when it comes to something as seemingly mundane as where to put your photos. What’s awful is that Facebook totally knows it.