Dear Old Nicki

(via Dallas Observer Blog)

Dear Nicki,

I’m a big fan of yours. I can honestly say that I get sick of most albums after about a month of thorough play, but your debut album Pink Friday is really something else. The songs are fun, sweet, and light, but with just enough heart to make me come back to them. But what I like about you and your music is your character: strong, goofy, sexy, mature, experimental, and confident. When I saw interviews with you, I felt like I wanted you to be my buddy. There aren’t any other female artists, let alone a pop star, I can think of who seemed as real with herself as you.

Having said that, I gotta say that I’m pretty damn disappointed with your new work. Believe me, I’ve tried to listen to it at least 10 times, and haven’t been able to warm up to it one bit. All your new songs, from Starships, Stupid Hoe, to Beez in the Trap. There’s something about it that’s completely missing the mark.

You know what I think is the problem? You felt your heart out of it. The whole album feels like an empty shell of overproduced noise with you rapping about fashion, hoes, and finding success. It’s both uninspired and uninspiring. There nothing about the album that sounds like it’s coming from you. I know you have an amazing voice and you do care about fashion, but if you want to take it to the next level, you need to show more of yourself (and no I’m not talking about your ass). Rapping is an art form that’s made to tell stories. So tell your god damn story. Let yourself express yourself and stop listening to whoever the hell at Young Money telling you what you need to do to top your last album because whatever it is that needs to be done, the only place you’re gonna find the answer is inside your beautiful head.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’m sick of artists doing shitty work because they think it’ll be popular, especially when they’ve got the skills and are completely capable of doing something better. I think you sold as many copies of Pink Friday as you did because you seemed like real person that people could relate to. Even if we only got to see small glimpses and traces of the real Nicki, it was still enough for people to want more.

So I know it’s too late this time around… you’ve gotta do what you gotta do to promote the crap out of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and there’s nothing that can be done about that. But please, next time you go back to the recording booth, whether or not it’s your own song or another song you end up getting featured in, remember that people like you because it’s you. Because you just seemed like a cool fucking person. So go pick up a book, or watch a good movie, or do whatever it takes until you get inspired to tell it like it is. Write about the world, about your life, about something that’ll remind them why they should give a crap about you.

Please remind me what it looks like when I see a strong, goofy, sexy, mature, confident, cool ass woman. Be you, Nicki.

A loving fan,


P.S. I know this song wasn’t one of your biggest hits and the music video doesn’t make any sense, but this is still one of my favorite life anthems:

Nicki Minaj – Fly ft. Rihanna