a quick life update – Dec 2015

in lieu of something more substantial…


I was sick for a week and a half—a cold turned into strep throat. I pretty much was in bed for three days straight after I managed to fly to Pasadena for the holiday and totally missed Thanksgiving. Clearly my body/immune system was in rough shape, maybe because of the East coast trip and various other stress factors. Anyway I’m starting to finally get completely better so yayyy.


Moar traveling. I’m going to New Delhi this week for the Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest and to meet with other folks working on fighting over-restrictive copyright/patent policies. I’ve never been to India before so I’m pretty excited to explore the few days I have free. The flight is a brutal 19 hours each way with stopover so I better have some productive things to do on the plane.


I finally got around to buying a new laptop and I’m stoked about installing Linux on it. There’s been all kinds of things with Macs that’s been frustrating for me for a long time from a UX perspective (that it’s a walled garden, is a DRM enabler, etc.) but I also just want to be libre-rated from the restraints of proprietary software. It sounds like it’s not going to be an easy peasy experience but I’m okay with that—freedom’s supposed to take work right?