tablet drawing practice.

I got to spend some time this weekend practicin’ my digital drawing skills. My buddy Yana and I had talked about drawing together, so we finally met up and spent a lil while getting our hands more in tune with our wacom tablets. We both love drawing but never make the time to do it, and having to wipe the dust collected on our tools certainly made this neglect ever more glaring.

We went online and found a super simple exercise to train our brains to deal with the separation between the “pen” and the values and objects captured on the screen. It was to draw squiggles—consistently formed, evenly spaced out squiggles. These are some of my scratch documents that I saved since it ended up looking sort of cool by the end.


To change it up, I then made each squiggle a different color. OoOOooo, rainbowwww~


So we did that for a while until we got bored and started working on drawing from photographs we’d each taken. I just finished mine, which is a photo of Lake Merritt at dusk that my friend Susan took. (It’s a pretty big image and it might look better if you click to expand).


I’m happy how it turned out. I wanted to spend more time on making the water reflection better and putting more details on the buildings but… whateva.

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  1. Neat! I’ve always been scared of using a Wacom for some reason. Obviously I feel really comfortable using pens and brushes, but lately I’ve been wanting to push through and try a tablet out. This exercise sounds like a great place to start.

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