yay for queer anime.

I’m going to Japan on Wednesday to keynote at a digital rights conference in Tokyo. It’s the 6th anniversary of the digital rights organization, the Movements for the Internet Active Users (or MIAU, pronounced “meow”) and they invited me to speak about the most pressing issues facing Internet freedom.

I’m fluent, but this is the first time I’ve given a talk in Japanese since high school. It’s not the grammar I’m worried about, but rather that I may sound a bit awkward or utter weird sayings since I pretty much only speak to my mom in Japanese nowadays. So to get myself a bit more relaxed about the whole thing and to get my brain switched over, I’ve been watching Japanese films and programming.

A couple weeks ago, I had lunch with one of my old friends from Japanese school who’s now a translator for a major video game company. She recommended that I watch Ouran High School Host Club. I remembered that she said it was on Netflix (and it may or may not be available by other means…) so I checked it out.


It’s aMAzInG. I’ve only watched 5 episodes so I can’t speak for the later ones (and maybe I speak too quickly), but from what I’ve seen it’s a wacky, happy, totally queer story about high school boys. It all takes place at a private school, where they spend their off-time entertaining girls and drinking tea with them, like a G-rated Japanese host club.

The main character is this girl who happens to dress, talk, and act like a boy, and the supposedly most popular host boy is obsessed with her. There are identical twins who are totally in an incestuous love affair that makes all the other female students go crazy. And there’s a tiny fem boy who is constantly climbing all over/being snuggled by this tall serious guy and I guess you’re just supposed to assume they’re a couple.

Anyway, that’s all I’m gonna say about it. Even as someone who has watched Japanese TV her whole life, the wonderful, open queerness of this show was definitely surprising and it made me so damn happy to watch.

Are there more anime series that’s as queer as this? I must know of them if there are. >_<

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  1. So, um, how queer do you want to go? Do you mean stuff that is generally “mainstream”/popular, or would you like a list of good yuri/yaoi? ^_^

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