Rainbow Dash-iell Hammett

Rainbow Dash (of My Little Pony) + Dashiell Hammett (author of The Maltese Falcon) =

Rainbow Dash-iell Hammett Drawing

The reason for this atrocity:

For the third time in a row, I’m doing the annual SF Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt next Saturday. It’s this giant awesome puzzle hunt that requires you to run around downtown SF solving clues. To win best team name, you have to 1) mention the Chinese zodiac animal of the coming year and 2) be noir-themed.

SO…Parker came up with this one. Even though it’s probably the most obscure one we could have chosen, it sorta grew on us. I mostly chose it because I thought it would be funny to draw. I don’t really know how I feel about it now. (o_o)

Credit for the original Rainbow Dash image to Deviant Art user Proenix.

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