Website re-design, phase I

I just spent a few hours messin around with this blog’s css template.

The biggest change is the awesome new logo my sister Hanami designed me. I’ve been wanting a new one for this site and we’d been thinking about it for a while, when it suddenly fell onto our laps. Literally. We were on our way back from Japan in December and the snacks Japan Airlines were handing out had this awesome retro-Japanese thing going on. My sister pointed at the logo for the senbei maker and we both knew we had to steal that look.

Other changes are the wood accent at the top, the fonts, and color scheme. I sorta got carried away with the link-color-fade-out transitions, but I still think it’s cool. >_<

It's not done yet. I want to make more drastic changes to the organization of it…but esthetics-wise, it'll do for now.

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