eight drawings, four minutes each.

the first four are of things on or next to my desk, and the second half are just random drawings.


My lil chewbacca that my sister gave me a while ago. He lives on my bedside table.


mason jar.




These dried leaves I picked up on a walk in Chiba are scattered on my desk.


a dragon in the hills.


cat face!


fan guy!


I’d like to make an anigif of this.


my week in haikus.


Instead of writing

a long political rant

here are some haikus


hitting up J-town

groceries on the handle bars

mmm I love natto


mad disappointed

dwelling is a waste of time

standards staying high


rocks between my toes

how the hell did they get there

the sole split in half


we were so engrossed

but others turned off by our

blithe poop discussions


warm communal thing:

talk show, dancing, n quizzes

while munching on pie



Song of the week:

The Dictators – I Got You Babe


hey 2014.

I was looking at my resolutions from last year and realized that I only truly fulfilled two of them.

First of all I decided somewhere along the line that sending packages is, for some stupid reason, very stressful for me. First you think of someone awesome who wants a certain thing, go find that thing—these are easy—but then finding a BOX that fits it, then oh jesus, going to a post office…?? The post office, at least the one near my house, is like DMV Lite in its banal, inefficient chaos. So that one I gave up on a long time ago.

Happy to say that I DID make more art and write more. Yayy. Both of these things are likely due to some structure I’ve imposed on myself, including Iron Blogger and municipal art classes that I’ve been going to. Very excited about the “Cityscape in Watercolors” class I’m taking this quarter.

I didn’t go camping. Once. 😐

Here’s my new shiny 2014 list of resolutions:

  • Create visual art projects: Taking it up a notch…instead of disparate pieces that are just about getting comfortable with drawing+painting, I need to have meaningful cohesion between them. (minimum three/year)
  • Read moar fiction. (minimum two books/month)
  • Dance moar: I used to dance all the time in LA and I miss it. I think I may fill part of my fix through the Zumba® classes offered at the gym I plan to join. I love Zumba®.
  • Check yourself…before you wreck yourself: Don’t get caught up in something just because it’s comfortable, convenient, and intuitively low risk. Usually such things are high risk in the long term. Gut instinct’s important but it’s gotta be balanced with ra-tio-na-li-ty. I know this is vague but it’s a thing that’s gotta happen in regards to certain things in my life. (everyday)
  • GO CAMPING. (minimum one/year)