broring lil life update

I’ve been sort of ill for the last 1.5 weeks but I’m finally finally climbing out of my funk.

It definitely wasn’t a cold. Possibly a flu? I had no symptoms except for complete, utter, soul-saturating exhaustion. My body felt like a bag of sand. My head, a cloudy throbbing rock my body refused to carry. I’ve never gotten something like that before. I had a sudden relapse yesterday and missed an event I needed to attend…I wasn’t in a shape to drive, let alone speak/be friendly to hundreds of people. Anyway, I’m pretty sure my immune system is killing whatever it is. I’m very much over it.

I’ll be blogging more since Iron Blogger SF got rebooted by Ben Gleitzman. The point is to motivate people into writing by forcing them to pay $5/week into a beer pot, which will eventually be collected until we have enough to take all the Iron Bloggers out to hang out and get a few pitchers somewhere.

I think being productive isn’t only a matter of your mindset, but also depends on your circumstances. There’re tons of barriers to productivity, but I think for those of us who are lucky enough to be flexible, or even have the resources to simply redesign new priorities in our life, this is probably a good way to go (although I think the cost and beer outings are variables that could easily be substituted).

So with that, I gotta go to bed. I’m promising myself to write/share something more substantial next week.



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