Today I…

woke up to a car alarm.

ate thick yogurt with sliced almonds and my aunt’s plum jam.

couldn’t decide what to wear and changed my shirt three times.

flew past all five stoplights down the steepest hill on my commute.

was excited to call someone to share good unusual news with them.

fretted over the wording in an email.

fought (and defeated) the temptation to get a donut.

made someone speechless.

started a blog post.

ate two giant spring rolls.

bit my tongue.

read six articles.

skimmed about 20 articles.

had a productive meeting.

knew I had to work on something.


was told a juicy secret.

drank coffee even though it’d mess up my stomach.

averted my eyes from someone.

had a 15-minute long mid-biking conversation.

squeezed someone tight.

drank whiskey.

ate sushi.

almost got doored by a parked car.

came across a tiny friendly lost dog and called the number on its collar.

got home to find it smelling like burnt toast.

ranted about Andy Warhol.

drank a glass of milk.

added to my to-do list for tomorrow.

thought about that person.

set my alarm clock earlier than normal.


…decided I wanted to remember this peacefully eventful day.


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