I got myself a Flattr account.

The first time I even heard of Flattr was when I was watching The Pirate Bay: AFK. It made me a little intrigued but I quickly forgot about it. Then the same week, I saw this article on Tech Dirt that talked about how this “social microdonation” service had partnered with other apps/platforms to make it easier to give to creators through likes, favs, stars, etc. When I actually looked into what it was, I was immediately in love with the concept and added “JOIN FLATTR” to my master to-do list.


So now I’ve finally made an account and I can’t wait to Flattr the hell out of eVErYoNE.

But first, I gotta Flattr that Tech Dirt article introducing me to Flattr.  >_<



2 thoughts on “I got myself a Flattr account.”

  1. Thanks for reminding me: you can turn on the Flattr plugin, and get a button to show up at the bottom of each of your posts! Tell me if you want to tweak it. ^_^

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