Three-Step, Thom, Inspired and the Sleep.

Here goes another stream of consciousness.

It’s 12:45 AM.

This week seemed to zip, slide, and blow past as they seem to do these days. I must be having fun.

On Thursday I spoke to a law school class for the first time. It was on international intellectual property law. I admit I was bit nervous but I somewhat successfully channeled the stray energy into speaking very animatedly about the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and its effects on the Internet and access to knowledge issues (which I can always do), as well as very briefly cover the history of fair use in international law. There’s this really obscure concept called the “three-step test” which essentially is used in international IP agreements to restrict the kinds of exceptions to copyright protections countries can make to their laws. Not gonna go further than that here, for everyone’s sake.

Mmm change of subject.

I just found out about the new music video by Atoms for Peace, a side/parallel project of Radiohead. The entire thing is just awesome— the song, choreography, color palette, costumes…and god damn will Thom Yorke ever stop getting cooler? Here just watch it (full screen is better):



ALSO, I had to do work on something extremely tedious tonight and decided to listen to music while doing it. I’m following several accounts on Soundcloud but one of my favorites (besides the Reverberation mixes) is this self-described DIY record label called Bad Panda Records that releases songs every Monday under CC-licenses. I was going through listening to their song feed when I stumbled upon this band Inspired and the Sleep.

Holy man it’s so good! It’s like a mix between Tune-Yards, Kishi Bashi, and the Unicorns (Afternote: I’m aware this sounds music-snobby. Oh well.). I haven’t been this excited about a band for a long ass time. I bought their album through Bandcamp and have already listened to it 4 times. My favorite songs must be “Snow Den” and “Running”:

>> The Snow Den by Inspired and the Sleep

>> Running by Inspired and the Sleep

Alright its 1:15 AM. Going in and adding links to this and passing out. I gotta publish something at 7am tomorrow.


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