It’s midnight on Sunday, which means I have three hours to write a blog post before the Iron Blogger deadline.

I’d been thinking about what to write all day, while cleaning and rearranging the various crap in my room until it no longer looked like I’d just moved in. It somehow got this late and now the things I wanted to write feel too heavy to articulate right now. It’s mostly that I’m feeling really nauseous. I gonna blame it on the three gigantic meals I had this weekend, including frog which I tried for the first time. Its consistency felt like a cross between chicken and eel. I might’ve liked it more if the stew that it was part of wasn’t full of numbing pepper… Having not had frog before and being very aware that this was a “weird” food, I couldn’t stop my brain from blaming the tingly, numbing bitterness of the pepper on the frog.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and thinking about food is making me feel grosser. I’m actually gonna make an effort to write something substantive this week.

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