Returned from New Zealand

I went to New Zealand for the first few weeks of December, and it was a very fun/intense trip.

The first weekend, my colleague Carolina and I put on a digital rights camp for advocates of balanced and/or pragmatic copyright policies that take the reality of the Internet into forefront of their consideration. The following week, we got werd that we “stakeholders” as we’re called, would be banned from the entire venue where the TPP was held (a luxury casino resort in Auckland). Despite that setback, we did what we could to get some influence into the secret trade negotiation meetings.

Auckland was nice. It reminded me a lot of LA where cars seem to dominate the flow and composition of the city. It didn’t make my impressions of the place any better because Internet scarcity was rough; anywhere you went, there were data caps and time limits for any free or paid wifi. But I also had no idea how many Asian people live and work there! I could not walk down a city block without passing 2 Korean BBQ restaurants, 3 cheap sushi shops, and a handful of Chinese fast food joints. It was great.

After that first week of nonstop meetings and hang out seshes with the other awesome digital rights advocates who were there for the camp and the TPP negotiations, I went off for a five day vacation to travel down the North Island to Wellington. Anyway, it’s late and I don’t have time to upload those photos from my play time here tonight, but here are just a few of the photos from the week in Auckland.

I’m uploading all of the best ones to Flickr (yes, that’s right. Fuck Instagram):