Today's lunch meeting w/ a client and bossdad

It began with the obligatory, “Are you gonna go to law school and continue the family business?” question.  My hesitant rambling response was to study jurisprudence and examine inherent power dynamics in the legal system rather than actually practice law.  This aroused in him the need to rant about how I should study the ways in which Franklin D. Roosevelt had irreparably ruined our country by magnifying the role of government and inflating wasteful spending.  Oh you know, such despicable things as Social Security and the creation of oppressive offices such as the SEC and FTC…

He’s a paying client, who consequently flew his private plane from San Diego to meet us in LA.

All I wanted to say was:

“Soooo…What you’re saying is that better regulation of the financial system couldn’t have prevented that recent decade-long-free-for-all lending fiasco and the resulting economic collapse?  Please explain to me how we, those of us who don’t have millions of dollars in assets and a private jet like you, are supposed to defend ourselves from a political and economic system that lets greedy assholes and ignorant masses join their mighty forces together to wreck our economy?

That’s not even the worst of it.  We still haven’t made them hold any accountability for their actions, and moreover we gave these failing banks and businesses billions of dollars of our tax money to prevent things from getting any worse than it has.  Most of my generation is either unemployed or stuck at a crappy ass job even with a college degree, and even more people are struggling day to day to keep their jobs, keep their homes, and struggle to maintain their last shred of dignity throughout this recession.  Now…you’re telling me that YOU, who is part of the only class of people who benefits from this broken shoddy democracy, are complaining about how things are unfair?



he’s a paying client.

All I could do was hold my tongue and utter, “Oooh that might be interesting to look into…”